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I fell in love with sales when I was 11 years old. Our 5th grade class had a pancake fundraiser for a class trip. First prize was $25.00, which was a tidy sum in the 60’s. I won hands down. I road my Stingray style Schwinn bike all over my small town knocking on doors and selling pancake tickets..  I out worked everybody. I outsold the nearest competitor by 5 to 1…. and I’ve been hooked on sales ever since.

Virtually every company in the world no matter how big or how small could use more sales. Virtually every organization whether for profit or nonprofit could use more top line revenue.

Sales drive most companies…FYI customer service is a fancy way of saying repeat sales…

As early as I can remember, we talked business EVERY night around the dinner table. It was not unusual to discuss total store sales. (Wommack’s Department store sold more $ volume per square foot during 1942-1946 than any retail store in America).  Net profits, Interest rates, realistic payouts for a business venture.  We talked economy, trends, new ideas …there was no end to the discussion.  My grandfather was a master salesman and business generator. He was my hero!!!

Since then, I have made the study of sales and sales techniques my life’s vocation. I have read and reread hundreds if not thousands of books on sales. I have attended hundreds of sales seminars. I have practiced my sales skills. I have kept what works and revisited from time to time ideas and concepts that did not work.  I have had sales discussions with thousands of sales people. I have trained many of my own sales people.

To be successful at sales, you must study, apply and practice sales skills just as Tiger Woods or any successful athlete studies, practices and applies their skills.  You must have a work ethic that is second to none (I can never say enough about a solid work ethic) and it all begins with a process.

I have built a number of successful businesses because of my sales processes.  Solid forecastable sales begin with a process. Let me say that again… "Solid forecastable sales begin with a process”!

Once a good process is put into place then you begin proving up the process and making it your own.  I call that a “proven process”. After proving your process then and only then should you begin working on your skills; but only after you have a process!!!

My sales study, practice and application have opened the doors to a wonderful life!!!  I am Blessed.

Selling is not an art or a science…it is the perfect combination of both.  No matter whom you are or what you do, sales enter the picture at some point.

It is my wish that your sales study, skill and results continue to grow, multiply and exceed your wildest dreams and expectations!!!




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