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When it comes to selling, Jay Wommack knows his stuff. If you're planning an event, either for your own company or for your Association, consider letting Jay both entertain and inform you.

For a number of years, Jay Wommack has appeared coast-to-coast in front of businesses, groups, and associations. He is comfortable on the speaking platform and the subject he enjoys sharing most is the Infinit-i Selling Process.

Not only does Jay provide a clear understanding of the Infinit-i Selling Process, but audiences can gain valuable insight as to how they can apply the process to their own businesses.

Jay also conducts seminars. While a normal speaking engagement may only last one hour, seminars are generally four hour events. Jay is able to take you deeper into the details of the Infinit-i Selling Process and spend time working with you – answering questions and helping you solve sales challenges your business faces.

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